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SafeWayDrivingOnline.com - SafeWay Driving System
Detailed Instructions
SafeWayDrivingOnline.com is the website location for all of the SafeWay Driving System online courses. The homepage displays four selectable options:
  • Register – if you want to sign up for one of our courses.
  • E-Learning Tour – click this option to view video and access instructions on how to use the learning system.
  • Safeway Courses – click this option for detailed descriptions of SafeWay Driving System courses that are available to you.
  • Log In – select this option after you have registered for the course, and each time you want to sign in to your User Account Page.
The Home Page
When you select Register from the SafeWayDrivingOnline home page, you will go to the Registration page where you can fill in your personal information, such as name and address; choose a password; select your preferred payment method, and create your SafeWay Driving System account.

When you have completed the registration, you will receive an email confirming your registration.

E-Learning Tour
When you select E-Learning Tour, you will be taken to a new page. Click on the "Play" arrow in the center of the video to begin the video. When the video is complete, simply use your browser’s Back button or click on the title SafeWay Driving System to return to the home page; or use the navigation at the top right to visit other pages.

Selecting Courses will take you to a new page where you can find more information about all of The SafeWay Driving System courses.

Log In
When you select Log In, a small menu will display in the center of your screen where you can enter your email address and password. Be sure to use the email address that you used when registering for the course. Then click the Login button, or click the circled "X" in the upper right corner of the Login window to cancel.

You will be taken to the SafeWay Driving Systems User Account Page.
The User Account Page
Left Sidebar Menu
At the left side of the screen is a vertical stack of three menu options:

  • Subscriptions (the page you are currently on) allows you to select course modules, download the SafeWay checklists for use during your coursework, or visit The SafeWay Community Forum.
    • In the center of the page is a set of three buttons that control your access to The SafeWay Learning System: Course Modules, Checklists, and Community Forum.
    • To start the course, move your cursor over the button below the word, COURSES. A scrolling submenu will display with the names of the modules of the course. You can scroll down and up by placing your cursor on the arrows at the top and bottom of the sub-menu. To begin a module, click on the line just below the module that says, "Click Here To Select". This will open a new window, and the module you selected will display.
    • To download The SafeWay Checklists– move your cursor over the button below the word, Checklists. A submenu will display with six checklist options. Just click on the checklist that you want to view and it will open on another tab.
    • SafeWay Community Forum is an area where you can interact with others who are taking the course, as well as training professionals, business consultants, and content experts.
  • Personalization takes you to a new page where you can select social media options or update your community profile, which is used for Forum participation. In the center of the page are two tabs.
    • The Social Media Connect tab allows you to link your SafeWay Driving System course to your Facebook and/or your Twitter account and broadcast updates to your network when you complete modules in the course. Select "Connect" to log in to your Facebook or Twitter account and establish the permission for SafeWay to access your account to post your updates. You can "Disconnect" at any time to turn off updates.
    • The Community Profile tab allows you to update the personal information used for community display. Fill in any or all of the fields and click on Save Profile at the bottom of the page to make your update.
  • Settings takes you to a new page where you can update your name, address, or email address. Just select the Save Profile button when you have made your changes. You may also change your password by selecting the Change Password button. A password update screen will display where you can enter your new password and then select "save."
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